Hiking from the North to South in Albania!

For fit people who want to explore Albania in it’s full length, from the most Northern to the most Southern parts of the country.A spectacular hikes while enjoying the wonderful surroundings and exploring the local culture in[...]
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(Driving & Walking) Tirana, Bunkart and Dajti Cable Car

  This tour will introduce you to the local Tirana and its cultural, historical and culinary heritage. As an urban metropolis, it is full of contrasts in which can easily be noticed the scars from the past and the present. Above all,[...]
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Best Places To Visit In Albania On A Weekend Break

The best part about Albania as a holiday destination is undoubtedly the unknown. Not everyone has weighed in on their experiences, but those who’ve been there know what it’s like. Those who haven’t can only[...]
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What To Do In Saranda Albania: Top Saranda Attractions

Saranda’s recorded history goes back to Ancient Epirus, which was a Greek state between roughly the 4th and 2nd centuries B.C. In antiquity, the town was known as Onchesmus (or Onchesmos). It was an important port town[...]
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